Tuesday, 30 June 2015


One summer evening Barbie wanted new clothes. Then her loving boyfriend came and made Barbie new clothing. "Thanks Ken" said Barbie.

Ken left. Barbies robot for the closet, he got turned on evil. Ken and Barbie were having a picnic. Barbie slipped on her picnic pants. Remember the robot was on evil then he shut down the closet. The robot said... " I shut down the closet because it's too hot for those pants.

Barbie said, "I can't take these pants off because I'm going on a picnic and these are my picnic pants". "Then I can't let you out I'm afraid" said the robot.

After that all Barbie's friends were hungry so Barbie got out her muffin cupcakes, with some milk. They stuffed their gob with milk.

Barbie called her loving boyfriend. He came to save them. He raced to Barbie and her friends. "Hi, Barbie I brang sherbet". "Ken what's wrong with the robot". "I don't know baby". Ken went to look at the evil and good button. "Barbie the button is on evil". Said Ken. “ohhhhhh”. Said Barbie. “Why didn’t I think of that”. Ken smashed the handle on good. The robot said “What happened”? Barbie said, ”You were on evil.”

”Sorry Barbie,” said the robot. Then they got saved and lived happily ever after.


Once there was a little girl named Alma, skipping softly in the cold windy town through the rough snow.

She stopped at a blackboard and she started writing her name. She looked back. There was a doll that in a shop window that looked the same as Alma. She tried to open the door. She felt mad so she bent down and  threw the snow at the door.  Angrily she walked away touching the wall.

Suddenly the door opened. Weeeeeeeee! Slowly she stepped  right inside. She looked at the doll under her feet and picked it up. It tried to escape. Oh  no! My doll has disappeared. “Boo!” Alma heard. Alma looked happy so she quickly climbed up the couch, her hand went higher and higher than the highest. She touched the dollies head. Suddenly Alma had a bad dream. Suddenly the toys started to look around. Eventually a man came and stole all of the dolls and took them all home and put them all at the window. The dolls woke up the man and got a little fright.

Monkey Me Crazy

Once there lived a crazy monkey called Emma. She was the most beautiful princess in the jungle. Every man in the jungle liked her.

A man named Brian lived beside her home. He was the best man alive and the most handsome guy in the jungle. She liked him so much she always wanted to eat with him a banana but they ate some pizza rolls. It was wonderful yummiest food so they munched it all up.

Emma’s mother and the father were the rulers of the kingdom called Hearts. “Who is that man? Is that a prince? O o o o can I go to him?" asked Emma. “Of course, go on," answered the king. A new girl said to the prince, “Wait I want a better look please." “No," answered Brian’s father but he carefully strode alone to the foot of the tower.

When he was at the end of the tower he saw a pretty good princess that was not being a good monkey princess.

Creepily he crept in, "Oh no how did she see me?" But she said, “Come on now  I'm not going to bite you. Come into the light". "Okay I'm coming my dear."  But yay they got married and they lived happily ever after. 

George Washington and the Ring of Fire

George Washington and the Ring of Fire

One sunny warm day a man named George Washington, was in the forest at a food truck eating a burrito, and drinking a strawberry milkshake, and also a hamburger. Once he finished his meal he looked outside and thought there was a path. But there wasn't. Immediately George Washington was lost. He had to stay in the forest. George Washington had an idea in his brain. He started walking forwards. All of a sudden he got to a place where he had to go left or right.

He picked left. Soon he started seeing some light. Immediately he looked up and saw a ring and it was on fire. He looked in the middle of the ring and saw the beach and said, “That's where I want to be." He climbed up onto the ring of fire and jumped through it. After that he climbed back down the other side and had an awesome time at the beach eating yummy food like hotdogs, burgers, burritos, chips, coconuts, strawberry, lemonade, banana and mangoes!

George Washington had the best trip to Hamilton after the party at the beach. But all of a sudden, “Roar!!" He looked outside a piece of pizza and more pieces the pizzas took him to an enormous giant. That giant was blocking the path. The scary giant was asleep and didn't wake up but George Washington wasn't able to get to the airport because the giant was blocking the airport. Immediately George Washington was freaking out. He had nothing to do.

After a while he thought he should wake up the giant. As soon as George Washington woke up the giant he said, “Please let me through. I need to go back to America. Can you pretty please let me through?” After a while the giant said, “Yes of course.” And George Washington and the giant lived happily ever after.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Stegosaurs And The Maths Competition

Once in a green beautiful forest there was Stegosaurus with sharp spikes on his back and nerdy glasses. His name was Rooney. He was the smartest dinosaur in the forest. You might think that everybody hates him but they don’t. They actually like him because he is the smartest.

One day Rooney signed up for a completion called The World Championship of Maths. When the day came he got ready. “I am going to win”, sang the Stegosaurus.

He won all of his matches. Until he was in the final. “Last question!” said the emperor. “128+128”. Suddenly the other competitor said,”256”. “You’re right”, replied the emperor. Rooney was heartbroken. It was his first time losing. The rest of the dinosaurs were teasing him about how he lost.

After a few months later the other competitor wrote a letter to Rooney and said “Rematch yes /no?” Rooney thought about it. When the time came he marked yes. It was going to be on June the 25th of 2015. He trained and trained.

Six months later the day came. When he finished getting dressed he started to practice. He was nervous. When he got to Eden Park the crowd was going wild. The other competitor was a T-Rex. He had green skin, terrifying claws and two shiny glasses. If the T-Rex lost he might be tempted to gobble up the Stegosaurus. But luckily he was a nice T-Rex.

The two competitors started the game.  The emperor started to play the game. ”Buzz” ten questions done. But then it was a tie. “What is 256+256”, shouted the emperor. “I know this one”, said Rooney. “312”, said Rooney. “You're right”, said the emperor.

So Rooney won the championship of maths. The other competitor was depressed. But when Rooney won the championship he was very delighted.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dear Giant

You got no friends. That is sad and you live in a cave.  You got no girl friend. I can get one for you. You got no tv and no food. I can give you some money. You can live with me.  I’ll feed you. I’ll give you a drink. Have a good day. We love you giant. 

From Jaraiyus


Once on a cold dark midnight, Mr Alfred said to Bruce Wayne, "Would you like some chicken Master Bruce?" "No," said Bruce. "I need to find Robin from the Joker." "Okay," said Mr Alfred.

Creak creak... Bruce went through the machine. He got dressed into his Bat suit. He got into his batcopter. Eventually his batcopter broke down. It needed some gas, luckily he found gas in his trunk .Vroom vroom! He drove up in the air. He drove as fast a jaguar.

While Batman was gliding off in his batcopter, Joker was hurting Robin with a crowbar. “Ouch ouch!” Robin was  screaming. “Ouch ouch!!!” Batman came as fast as possible. But Robin was not there. After Batman called Berry Adams as The Flash,they teamed up to beat up all of Jokers goons or tie them up. But It was too late. The Joker suddenly despaired.

Batman and The Flash cried "Oh no!" Batman and The Flash called the Justice League. They all fought all the bad guys like Lex Luthor, Black Manta and more Joker goons. Even the most strongest villain Doomsday everyone  was screaming ow!!!

Immediately the Joker randomly appeared on the tv screen screaming. "Hahaha!!! You'll never catch me haha!!!"

Joker shouted,"You should say hi to Robin for me!" Batman sighs  angrily "I will find you," answered Batman. Batman said  to the whole justice league "go away I can do this myself okay". Batman called  the batcopter. He drove away as fast as the speed of sound to the Joker's madhouse.

batman was fighting ow ow ow!!!!! Joker screamed Batman quickly untied Robin. After that Robin said to batman "Thank you." "It's  okay " said batman but. Suddenly  Joker screamed, "this won't be the last of me I will have my revenge next time!!! 
By Odisho.S

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Monday, 22 June 2015

A Scared Giant

On one cold day, a giant named Bella came home to take a rest in her ice house. But as soon as she looked at the newspaper, she got surprised that lava was coming to Antarctica.

She quickly closed all the doors and windows. She got so worried that the people who wrote the newspaper was joking. She was such a worried giant that she got her stuffed toys and hugged them all.

Bella didn't know what she was doing. Bella didn’t have much time so she quickly opened the door and set off to the airport. As soon as she went to the airport the flood of lava washed the car.

The  flood of lava went in the car, poor Bella’s  face got burnt. Sadly Bella  went to hospital and got bandages all over her face. Bella stayed there for 22 days.

It was Bella’s day to come out of the hospital. Her face was healed. When she came out of the bed she got a wheelchair. She first went home to see if everything was okay. But it was not okay. Everything was burnt even her mum and dad’s picture was cracked to pieces on the floor.

Bella  went to the builders to ask them to build a new house. She crossed her hands because she wanted the builders to make the house free. The builders said the house does not need paying for. “Good!” said Bella.

After her house was made she got the glue and fixed all her pictures up.

The End

Madison Fear

Once upon a time there was a girl named Madison Fear who was a fast girl, faster than the flash. She had an enemy named the Dark Shadow. He was as evil as the Joker.

The Dark Shadow had a favourite place but Madison Fear didn't know where it was.  He would always go there when he made trouble. There was the most beautiful medal in the museum that Madison Fear knew that he would steal.

The next day she got the remote then turned it on the 3 news. She got frightened because the newsreader said,"The most beautiful medal has been stolen".

She knew it was the Dark Shadow who stole the medal. Those people who said the news did not know. She rushed towards the museum but... Boom! It wasn't there!

She found the Dark  Shadow. She followed him quietly and she found out where his favourite place was. It was so cool that she wanted it even though it wasn't hers. She remembered that she had to finish off her task.
She yelled out, "Got ya Dark Shadow bad luck to you”. She ran after him and said,  "Stay right there and give me the most beautiful medal from the museum. It is not good to steal!"  Madison said. Happily he gave the medal back and said, "You are right I shouldn't have done this. Thank you."


Once upon a time there was a young cheetah called Dumpy. He couldn't find food because all the animals have eaten it all up. Then he saw one piece of food. He ate it all up. But then he thought he shouldn't have saved it.

Then he was thirsty but there was no water.The animals had drank it all up. He was really tired and thirsty. But he had an idea. His idea was asking other animals for food in jungle. They did help Dumpy because they have saved food and water together in the elephant's place. They went home and lived happily ever after.

Time Machine Adventure

Once upon a time there were two kids called Jake and George Washington. Jake and George went on an adventure in a dark spooky cave. The cave had a crashed plane with passengers from the flight. There were only 10 people alive. The cave was dark like a jungle inside.They had a battle adventure.They had a battling trip to save the king. So they went off.

Jake had a wooden sword.And yes Jake's talent was stretching and fighting.
Jake and George set off to save the king. But it was a plan that they will play a prank on the evil person. So they went in the forest for some objects for the prank on the evil person.

But later the evil person was making a plan. around the corner was Jake and George talking away but as they heard the plan they stopped and listened to the plan. but what Jake saw was the people in plane were all
locked up. Jake was worried because they had a lot of people to capture.

But meanwhile the people on the plane were guards.Their clothing were as brown as mud and as green as a leaf. Eventually they went to go hunting for food. They had lunch they pig,lamb,and cow.

Suddenly the prank began with a SPLAT over his head. Tomato sauce all over the place. It was red as punch. They did pranks on the guards. But as they saw every time they take out five twenty more show up. Quickly they covered the whole play with pranks so when they pushed a button it all self destructed.

After that they went to see if the path was clear. “Yay!” they said, going to capture all the people in the cages. First they took all the passengers back home safe and sound.

But later during that day they went to a field where they found a portal. They went through the portal and they ended up in another story tale. It was the three bears but they didn't like the idea of the three bears. Suddenly the time machine broke down and acted all up. Jake and George got sent back to 1951. 
They could tell it was 1951 because there was a man holding a newspaper in his hand with 1951 in front of the paper. The man's name was Dan. Dan told them it was December 20 1951. Eventually they went to find someone who knows how to fix a portal of a time machine.

Meanwhile  while there was a crazy scientist that could fix anything except a portal. But Jake and George didn't need a portal to go back in time. The man that fixed the time machine was named Mike and they didn't have much time to get back home for dinner so they set off.

Back to 2006! “Yay!” they said rushing off home for dinner. So that was the END of George and Jake.

Dark Horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once upon a time when the dinosaurs were alive, a huge Centro was born. She lived in a desert. Her name was Avea Trotter. She was big and she was midnight black. She was the queen of Darth Desert. Also she was the first girl horse to be the ruler of the night. She had 3 powers - portals, speed and flying.

One chilling day evil Dr Frankenstein stole Avea's powers. She was mad. She was going to get her powers back. She said she needs armour and a sword. A handsome horse came alongside to keep her company. She said ,"Thank you for your support." It took them 23 days to get there and they were hot and tired.

After a long time of running in and out of caves and sleeping alone, “Tonight is the only night we can get to Dr Frankenstein.” She said to Brian, "Start unpacking mine and your bags.”

It was the first time Hanks589 a robot arm helped them unpack things. Hanks589 made some mistakes trying to make pizza for Avea and Brian for dinner at 7pm at last. 

Surprisingly Dr Frankenstein came with a tranquilizer gun in his hands and he shot Avea and Brian in the back and they fell asleep on each other.       

When they woke up they found themselves strapped on a table. They were struggling to get out. "Darn that evil Dr Frankenstein," said Avea angrily, "Without my powers I'm useless." "No!" said Brian.

Dr Frankenstein got defeated by someone else and Avea and Brian got married and lived happily ever after.

Rebecca and the Giant Horse

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rebecca Stein. She had long  red fiery hair with light pinky lips. She had whitey skin and  pink and light blue nail polish. She even had white shiny teeth as white as snow. Her eye colour was blue as the sky. She lived in the snowy mountains.

Rebecca's talent was talking to animals. She had a pet horse. A snowy, white one. The horse's name was Melede. Rebecca rode Melede everywhere and every day in the snow. She even rode Melede to someone's house when she had a meeting. She also had another cute pet which was a puppy named Daisy.

She could understand what her puppy and her horse would say. But sometimes Daisy would be really say mean thing  to her. She would say, "I'll chew you like a athlete sock and I'll pull you into the rose garden." Rebecka would say, "Stop it".

Rebecka was very angry, furious and serious because she had this problem. If she was talking to her pet dog she would be in a very bad mood. She always say to herself, "Calm down ok Rebecka. You can handle this. Come on."

Sometimes she would say sad things about her puppy. Rebecka would read a book about animals so she knows things that animals would really be sad of.daisy said "Sorry I will never talk in a mean mood again. I'm sorry."  Rebecka said "That's ok".

Four years later Rebecca had a husband named Orgone and she had two baby sisters. Rebecca was a hard working mother. Suddenly there were strangers in the middle of the road. They were called the wizards of the black circle.

Oh and I forgot to tell you Rebecca was a fairy. She had four kinds of powers dark, crystals, dragon flame and talking to animals. Her dark name was Twilight, her crystal name was Elsa and her dragon flame name was Roxy. She used her dark powers to defeat them. The Wizards of the black circle fainted and Rebecca got her babies back. She lived happily ever after. To be continued...

Bigfoot is Angry

Once upon time a bigfoot lived in a beach. He had some milkshakes  and pizza.  People were always mean to him. They were always  pranking him and he was crying. Then I came and cheered him up. 

I gave him some toys. Then he was so happy we went and played. It was so much fun and then people came and were being meaner. So then Bigfoot got angry. He cried and cried. He walked away angrily. I said “But wait!” But I lost him.

I was lonely but I suddenly saw a big hand. It was Bigfoot. I was so happy to see him again but he was crying, crying and crying. I just left him so he followed me. 

Then he said, “Wait I like being your best friend.” I said, “I like being your best friend too. Do want to play some games?” He said, “Sure I would like to play some games.” We were saying, “Yeee ha!”
It was so magical playing with Bigfoot so I said, "Do you want to go eat?" He said. "Sure lets go eat." Yummy it was so good.

Bigfoot had to go home I said "Bye" and I had to go home too. I went outside to play with Bigfoot but he was not there so I went to his house. But then he was behind me. He picked me up  and I said “Hi Bigfoot. What are you doing?” He said "I want to play now."

Comic Life Posters

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Litter Poems

We have been learning to use a list of adjectives to describe a noun.

Our litter poems also show how we can look after our environment by cleaning up litter.

Monday, 15 June 2015


Once upon a time on a cold snowy day in a deserted town, there lived a little girl named Alma. She had short blond hair, a pink beanie, and a green coat, also two round blue gloves. Alma was skipping along the snowy path.

Happily she came across a black board with heaps of names on it. When Alma saw the blackboard, she saw a little bit of a white chalk so she wrote her name on the board. All of a sudden a doll popped up in a spooky shop behind her. Alma looked at it closely and it looked exactly like Alma.

After that she swiped all of the snow off the window. She really wanted that doll so she tried and tried to open that door but she couldn't. So she threw a snowball at the door. Since that didn't work, she walked away with her hand on the wall. Creak, creak! Alma heard the door open and went back to the shop.

Slowly she crept into the shop... Alma saw the doll, but suddenly she stepped on a top boy on a bike trying to escape. After that she turned back around and the doll had disappeared! Surprisingly the doll was on top of the shelf so Alma climbed on the sofa to get the doll.

Suddenly she grabbed the doll and took it outside. Next Alma transformed into the doll! Suddenly Alma was breathing heavily like never before. "Wow, I've never ever been in a doll before. This is very odd," Alma said quietly with a sad face. "Oh no!"

After a while Alma let all the dolls out of the shop. But when they all got out they started to grab something hard to SMASH the shop down! Boom! Boom! Boom! They tore the shop down. Alma and the other dolls didn't want to stay in there forever.

They prayed to God so he could help them. Suddenly when they woke up the next day, they were back to their real selves and they all became friends.

The end.


Once upon a time on a cold winters day, a young girl named Alma was skipping along the alleyway. She had blue eyes, long hair, a blue beanie, and brown gloves. 

Alma wrote her name on the blackboard. Slowly a doll came up on the machine. Alma saw the doll just like her. Alma wanted to open the door but the door wouldn't open. Alma was upset so she threw a snowball at the door. Alma stomped angrily off. 

 Then creeeeeek! The door opened up. Alma heard the sound and she tiptoed inside. She saw lots of dolls inside the shop. Alma saw the doll on the chair. Alma want to touch the doll. 

"Ding" a little doll was riding a bike. The little doll wanted to escape. Alma saw that the doll that looked like her had disappeared. "Where is my doll?" She said. Alma struggled. she looked for the doll everywhere. 

Soon Alma saw the doll on the shelf. She tried to touch it and then... Whoosh! Alma was stuck inside the doll. She breathed heavily and looked around. Alma was trapped!

Based on 'Alma - A chilling doll story'  https://www.literacyshed.com/the-ghostly-shed.html

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Once in a Lifetime

Once upon a time there was an adult called Scott who lived in an air ship. Scott liked to adventure in the air early in the morning looking for new animals that haven't been discovered by humans.

One day he was looking for new animals as usual, when he saw bits of air ship falling off. 

He thought, "I hope everything's okay down there?" He went down to see what happened when... WHOOSH!

Scott looked out his window and ... and there were thousands of graceful  flying beetles floating in the air.  WHOOSH!, FLAP!, ZOOM!

Scott wondered if he could use the beetle's shell to cover the gaps in the air ship so that it can fly again. So he lassoed the beetle and he got a bulls eye! Although he got the beetle, the rope started to snap... SNAP! So Scott made a life changing decision, it was to abandon his ship.

He leaped out of his ship and landed on a flying beetle's back.  Scott said, "So this is what it feels like to be a flying beetle!"

Suddenly they vanished into fog and... Wallah! They were at the Amazon rainforest in forest land! Then the strangest thing happened to Scott... He felt the warm hug of a beetle! He had made a special bond with the beetle! Scott called the beetle Dylan.

From now on Scott lives with Dylan in the treehouse they made together. They play fetch, catch the rope, and water fight. And they lived happily ever after!

                                                The End!

Literacy Shed

We have been watching some videos from the Literacy Shed as inspiration for writing.

Follow the link to watch "Once in a Lifetime".

Once in a Lifetime

On a sunny afternoon there was an old man named Lachlan. He was in a diamond ship with a balloon up the top. He was flying slowly up the blue sky.

While he was pulling a rope part of the ship broke! Now he couldn't move anywhere. But then he heard a noise. He got his telescope and looked closely. Suddenly he found some gigantic green flying turtles. They were gliding like hawks. When he saw the gigantic green flying turtles an idea popped into his mind. He had a rope and tied a circle with the rope. He lassoed the turtle like a cowboy. "Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!" His brilliant idea worked. The turtle was moving the ship.

Suddenly the turtle was shaking and flapping it's wings. But unfortunately when it was shaking it broke the rope. The old man was depressed!  Luckily, he saw another gigantic green flying turtle. As  the turtle flew beside his ship he leaped of the edge of the boat and landed on the turtle's shell.

He looked up and breathed through the air. When he looked down he saw the land. He was ecstatic! Surprisingly he heard the turtles talk. So he asked them if he could get dropped off at his house.

                                                              The End

Lion Mask

Lion Mask

Lion Mask

Lion Masks

We are proud of our amazing masks made from natural materials!