Sunday, 29 November 2015

More character descriptions

My Good Dad

My good dad has big black eyes and curly black hair.He has strong arm and grew very tall.His legs are as tough like a rock.His skin is brown and smooth. My dad has a smiley face.

He was a fast runner and always helpful to me and my family. He sometimes takes me and my family to a fun place and he is very thoughtful.

My dad loves to talk and work. When I tried to find him he was always in the garden or lawn mowing. He also loves to watch TV and working with his friends.


McLeod the Cat.

What’s orange and white with a white dot on it’s head? MCLEOD!!

My cat is a red and white crossbreed called McLeod. He has two rough but  brightly coloured ears poking out of his head. His eyes are as bright as flashlight, especially on an extremely dark night. When we bought McLeod, Sophie was so in love with him she almost fainted because of his spectacular orange colour!

McLeod is a cunning but lazy cat type that loves to sleep in the attic. Usually he goes up to the bunny cage and tries to figure out how to get In. Then one day he got In!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking out the window when an orange and white thing flashed round the bunny cage and I saw it was McLeod!! 

Whenever I go near the bathroom he's ready to “MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!” You know what I said about cunning? He pretends that he hasn't been fed! He has been our Cat for 5 years!    

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Character Descriptions

My Nan

My Nan is about 87 years old and has short white hair. Nan can’t walk because of her legs so she has a big wheelchair. Nan has visited me about five times. She has wrinkly skin and big eyes as blue as the sky.

When she was young she survived a bombing. The first bomb went through her bedroom and exploded around 4 floors below her. Luckily a rescue ship saved her from the next bomb.

Nan has been depressed ever since my poppa died. She still has the ashes when they burned him. Nowadays Nan lives in a neat and tidy house.

My Good Mum

My good mum has brown eyes like dirt. Some mothers have curly hair but my mum has the curliest hair you've ever seen. Her skin is soft as a pillow, she has some spots on her. She has slightly brown and white skin.  

She likes to watch her favorite TV shows. It's boring. Sometimes my mum is a little grumpy but she doesn't mean it. She is very lovely because she always cares about us. She always tries to be funny, well she is. She is kind because she makes sure that I have enough food inside my tummy. She's also clever because I tell her some maths questions and she answers it. Oh and of course she's noisy and she’s a loud singer. Wow she's silly sometimes. My mum is sneaky and thankful. I love my mum, why wouldn't I.

    My Dad, Robert

My dad has greeny, bluey, grey eyes. He also has a stubble which is like a beard. We call him Rob for short. He likes wearing skeleton t shirts. He wears black converses and he has freckles. He is so hairy but do not ask me if he shaves because he's as hairy as a pink polar bear. My dad has a big puku and dark brown hair. He might be fat but he has muscles.

My dad is talented by winning Black Ops Call of Duty Ghost and others. Once he got me a bike. I had to ride it to the shops to get milk and bread. If he sees a video game he will buy it if it's on special. But right now he is in Australia.

My dad means the whole entire galaxy to me. He loves his children just like he loves candy and chocolate cake.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Storm

Boom! ZZZZZZ! Shhhh! went the thunder. I was frightened. The thunder was like a bomb exploding. I saw the lightning bolt shining through my window. I think somethings wrong with the weather!

"What was that?" I said. The rain drizzled down fast with a dripping sound with thunder until the rain stopped. No sound except the birds chirping in the night time. I still could not get a good night sleep because of the heavy rain pouring and the big thunder bangs.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

High Wire

Some children in Room 16 have been fortunate enough to go to High Wire this term. They have participated in many new and exciting activities.