Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tamaki Makaurau

Long, long ago two tribes were enemies. One was called Turehu and one called Patupaiarehe. The Turehu had red hair and green eyes. The Patupaiarehe had blonde hair and blue eyes. In one team there was a prince and in the other was a princess. Did you know that the Patupaiarehe had rakau to fight with and the Turehu had patu to fight with?

When the prince went to get some ika, tuna, kina and a pipi from the awa, a beautiful princess arrived. The prince said, "Oh my gosh, you look so pretty!" The princess gave a giggle. Then slowly the princess came and said, "Can I come with you to your team?" The prince said, "Yes!"

When the Patupaiarehe found out they quickly told chief  Waitakeri that the Turehu had stolen their princess. The Patupaiarehe got their rakau ready and practiced their fighting. Soon the Turehu did the same thing. When they met face to face, they started to fight.

Soon the ground started to shake. It was Mataaho, the atua of the earth. The atua got so angry that he made two maunga and said, "You have to stop fighting and be friends". When Mataaho went away they decided to let the prince and princess get married. The enemies became best friends. The prince and princess had babies and they lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kindness Video

We have been learning about the importance of being kind to each other. When we are kind to someone we not only make them feel happier we also make our self feel happier.

We watched the Kindness Boomerang video first, then came up with some ideas about how we could be kind to each other at school. Each group developed an idea to film. We decided who would be the director, actors, camera person and props person. Then we filmed each scene and edited them together. We hope you enjoy watching our video.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Last Thursday, Rooms 16, 18 and 20 went to the Botanic gardens because  it would be great for us to learn about nature and recycling.

We had to walk for 5 minutes to walk to a little garden. We could hear lovely noises. I could hear animals croaking and the wind blowing and trees howling. It was a very long and hot day. Luckily my dad was here to carry me but my mum was just there to get fit.

At the Botanic Gardens  we went with this guy named Paul who showed us how to make compost with coffee, brown leaves, twigs, green leaves and horsepower of poo. We also made compost. It was stinky yuk.

Then we switched over to Sarah. she taught us how to make a worm farm with worms, a little mat, food and stones and that's it. How to make it. First you get a bucket then you get a large river stone and put it in the bucket. After that you put black mesh in the bucket.Next you get some small stones and put them in the bucket as well. Then you get green mesh and also put it in the bucket. Meanwhile put in some wet ripped strips of newspaper. Then you get a magnifying glass and have a look at the worms. And then you put the worms in the bucket. Next, then you put in little strips of food.

It would be nice if the whole family could come with us but at least my mum and dad came.

Botanic Gardens

Last Thursday Rooms 16 18 and 20 went to Botanic Garden to learn about recycling and how to make a worm farm.

First there was a man called Paul. He took us into the forest then he laid down a mat and it had pictures of birds and insects. Paul told us how the FBI eat the the leaves. First he said they chew chew then they poo poo poo and they rot rot rot.  The FBI stand for fungus bacteria and invertebrates.

Then he took us into the children's garden to show us how to make a food garden.
It was called a compost heap. We had to lay a black mat first. Then we put on some greens, browns and coffee. After that we had to mix it.

After we  made our garden we went to to a lady called Sarah. She showed us how to make a worm farm. It was so easy. All we had to do  was put in a river stone. Then we put on a black mesh and some small stones and a green mesh, then some strips of wet newspaper. Then we had to look at the worms. Next we put in worms, then cut up worm food. Then we put a  mat  that was carpet on top. Then we took it apart.

I was really happy because I haven't  been there  in ages and my favourite part was going in the Forest.

Botanic Gardens

Last Thursday Rooms 16,18,20 and 23 went to the Botanical Gardens.  We went on a bus. We went to the gardens because we had to learn about our topic recycling.

First we went into a garden house. Then we met Paul. He took us into a forest.He taught us about nature animals. Second he showed us a blanket about the animals and the invertebrates that live in there. Next we had to find brown,green and yellow leaves. Then we had to put it in a group.Then he told us about the F.B.I. You might be thinking about the police one but it's not. It stands for Fungus, Bacteria and invertebrates. Fungus and bacteria makes the leaves die. Invertebrates are animals that have no backbone. Invertebrates chew,chew,chew then poo,poo,poo.

After that we had to walk to the kids garden. First Paul gave us some soil to put in the gardens. We could choose any garden. Then we looked at the compost. We all made our compost with our buzz groups. We had to  put down a black mat . Second we had to put down wooden planks to make a frame. Third, we had to put in brown dead leaves and twigs. Fourth we had to put green stalks,leaves and vegetables. Then we had to put in coffee and horse poo. We had to mix it. Then we had to take all the wood out. After that we had to put the rubbish into the compost. Then we had to clean up the coffee on the ground. I wanted to get a broom but I didn't.  I just got a dustpan.

After that we went to make a worm farm with Sarah. The worms were called tiger worms. We also did it in our buzz groups. We had a green  recycle container. First we had put a river rock in the container so the worms can't get out. Second we had to put black mesh in the container. Third we put in little rocks. Fourth we put a green mesh at the top of the little rocks.  Fifth we put in strips of wet newspaper. Sixth we looked at the worms then put them in the container. But we didn't because Will just straight away put them in side the container.Then we broke vegetables and put it in there recycle container. The vegetables were cucumbers and other veges. Finally we put in a mat made out of carpet.

My favourite part of the day was when we got to play on the kids side and get a drink of water because it was a very hot day. At the Botanical Gardens I learned about the F.B.I which means Fungus Bacteria Invertebrate.

Botanic Gardens Trip

Last Thursday Room 16 18 and 20 went to Botanical Gardens. We learned about nature and recycling.

We had to walk 5 minutes to a medium garden.We could hear cicadas and birds singing in the garden. Paul had something in his backpack. It was a mat with  lots of pictures of animals.The animals were a tui eating another bird. There also was a weta and a couple of worms to. He told us us about the F.B.I. The F.B.I stands for Fungus Bacteria and Invertebrates. The fungus and bacteria rots animals and brown leaves and the invertebrates chew chew chew and pooh pooh pooh.
After another 5 minute walk to the veggie garden we got to make a compost heap. We made it with coffee, brown leaves, green leaves and horse pooh.

Next we went with Caroline to make a worm farm. We had to get to a small recycling bin, then a large river stone to cover the hole or the tigers worms will fall out. We needed black mesh, small stones, green mesh, wet strips of newspaper. Then we needed to look at the worms with a magnifying glass then pour them in carefully. Then we needed to tear the veggies into small pieces and last of all put on the thick square of blue carpet. Then we had to put a thick square of wood on so the rain doesn't get in.

I felt quite good about my day because we got to learn about nature and recycling. My favourite part of the day was our group making a compost heap.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Last but not least - Who Am I?s

I am 7 years old. I am a New Zealander. I'm a girl. 
I have short, straight, blonde hair.  
I have bluey, greeny eyes. 
I've got milky, soft, smooth skin. 
I am skinny. I am medium size. 
My lips are small and my eyes are big.

I'm sporty, brave and an honest person. 

I am a lovable person too. 
I am giggly,crazy and noisy. 
Also I am good, smart and weird. 
I love animals. 
Who am I?

I am a nine year old boy. I am a New Zealander.

My hair is as brown as mud. My eyes are light blue.
I usually have a ginormous smile. I have a tough nose. My skin is as light as an oak tree. I have a big brown birth dot on my leg. I a a smooth, skinny person.

I LOVE animals. My favourite animal is a red panda. I like them because whenever I'm at the zoo, the red pandas come close to me. My favourite game is Minecraft. I have a Minecraft hat, shirt, books, the game, soft toys and so much more!

I am a friendly person. I get furious when my sister breaks my cool creations out of Lego. Whenever my dad comes home we ask him to go on the trampoline.

I am an 8 year old boy. 
I am New Zealander and Scottish.
I have smooth, silky skin that is tan white.
I have black, straight hair.
My favourite sport is soccer.
My favourite food is chips and candy.
I have green, white, a mix of blue on my eyes colour.
I like travelling to different places.
I like theme parks.
I am fast and good at sport.
I like animals.
My nose is very hard.

Hi, I am an 8 year old girl. My hair is long, blonde, silky, wavy and shiny. My eyes are hazel as a tree trunk and glittering as the stars. My tan skin is smooth as a lions mane.

I love fish and chips, also the hamburgers. I have two birth marks. One on my face and one on my left arm. My legs are a little chubby. I have freckles on my nose. 

I love spiders and scorpions. I'm a fast runner. I'm crazy, silly and weird. I'm a Kiwi European. 3 quarters Scottish and I quarter New Zealander. I love Lego. My brother built a UFO and I built a park.

I am a seven year old girl. I am a Samoan. I have white skin, smooth as silk. My eyes are green and shiny like crystals. I have long, curly hair. I have long black eyelashes. I have chubby cheeks. I am medium height.

My favourite sport is soccer. My favourite animal is a tiger and my favourite food is butter chicken, sushi and KFC chicken. 

I can jump really high. I like to play with my friends, I like maths and I am brave.

I am an 8 year old boy.
I have short, black hair.
My eyes are hazel.
I have light brown skin.
I love playing with my dog on the tramp.
I like singing but I get nervous in front of a crowd.
I am good at rugby.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Yet More - Who Am I?s

I am an 8 year old boy. I am a New Zealand person. I have short, black hair. My eyes are big, blue and cool. I have soft, smooth, tan skin. My lips are as pink as a prawn. My head is as hard as iron. My tongue is as red as your blood. I have birth marks on my back. I am as tall as a zebra.

I am shy when it comes to meeting new people. My favourite thing to do is going to Kiwi Yo. I like to play with my friend. I also love animals. I like doing front flips, cartwheels and handstands. I am a playing person. I am a fast runner.

I am a 7 year old girl.

I am an Indian. My parents are from Fiji.
My earrings are shiny as pearls.
My eyes are black, small and shiny.
I have soft light brown skin.
I like doing handstands.

I am smart.

I like writing lots of words.
I like drinking hot chocolate and milk.
My favourite is ice-blocks and ice-creams.

I have sparkly, brown eyes and dark black, short hair. I am 7 years old. My tan skin is smooth and sort of rough like the mat. I am medium height. 

I am a sporty. I'm a friendly boy and a bit chatty. 

I am good at cricket, rugby and touch. I am a New Zealander. I love to read and I love to read chapter books. I love to climb trees. For desert my favourite is icecream with chocolate chips. I am pretty strong and I get annoyed when people get chatty.

Can you recognise me?

I am a 6 year old boy.

My parents come from Fiji.
I was born in New Zealand. 
My skin is light brown.
My eyes are big, shiny and dark brown coloured.
My hair is black, short and spiky. 
I am tall.
I am a sporty person.
I am kind to my cousin.
I am a runner.
My hands hold everything.

I am an 8 year old boy. 

My mum and dad come from India. 
My eyes are small and brown. 
I've got short, black, curly hair. 
I have soft and light brown skin. 

I am quite tired when I wake up. 

My favourite dessert is ice-cream. 
I like cheetahs because they are the fastest animal. 
I like to play cricket with my dad and sister.

I am a seven year old girl. I am a New Zealander. My skin is soft, smooth brown. My eyes are brown, beautiful and big. My head is round, my hair is curly and I have a fringe. I am tall, big and skinny.

I 'm scared of heights and meerkats. I'm good at riding my bike with no training wheels. I like to eat candy and ice cream. I love animal books and animals. I am lazy and like watching movies. Me and my family love to play netball.

I am a 7 year old girl. I am Maori, Samoan and New Zealaner. I have long, brown hair. My eyes are big,brown and sparkly. They are beautiful too. I have cuts, scratches and scars, because I like climbing trees and playing on my scooter. My nose is chubby and strong like metal.

I'm smart and good at maths. I like reading animal books. My favourite animal is the Tasmanian Devil. I have a pet fish. His name is Michelle.

I am an 8 year old boy.

I am brown and I am a Fijian. 
My mum and dad come from Fiji.
I have spiky hair and I am fast.
My eyes are dark. 
My hair is black.
I am good at maths.
Who am I?