Monday, 26 October 2015

Eagle vs Squirrel

We watched a youtube video about an eagle chasing a squirrel. We had to choose either the eagles point of view or the squirrels, then retell what happened in the video. Here are some of our stories.

Follow this link to watch the video.

The Shocking Eagle and the Scaredy Squirrel

Perched on a branch the eagle listened to his gnawing stomach, while looking for delicious food.

Suddenly the eagle heard a faint rustle of leaves in the distance. A second later, a flash of brown shot straight up a tree to a bunch of leaves. For a moment the eagle was confused.

"Where did he go? Where shall I go?" he thought in frustration. But then he saw a drey nearby. "Aha!" 

So the eagle did what every eagle would have done. Attack the drey, catch the animal and eat it! Simple.

So the eagle got to work. But the squirrel had different ideas. He jumped out of the tree with a sickening THUD! "That darned squirrel," the eagle thought. The chase was on!

As the eagle got closer, the squirrel just went faster. Finally the eagle was just about to catch the squirrel when... Proompf! The squirrel disappeared straight into a deep hole.

"Darn! Darn! Darn! Foiled again!"

Eagle vs Squirrel

Up high in a tree, an eagle was chasing a squirrel from tree to tree. The eagle was pounding its wings as hard as a pulse. The squirrel hid in its drey.

Suddenly the eagle swooped down destroying the drey. The squirrel dropped down from below the drey landing on the hard forest floor. Hungry and sad, the eagle kept on chasing the squirrel from tree to tree. 

Just in time the squirrel ran into a hole. The eagle landed on a branch next to the hole and peeked through. Then it started to attack the hole but gave up after a short while. The squirrel was safe!

Excerpts from Eagle vs Squirrel writing

Once upon a time on the tallest tree an eagle perched. Its eyes desperately searching for its meal as his hunger gnawed. 

Nearby in the leaves a squirrel's head popped up. He ran as fast as he could then he jumped on the big brown tree. The eagle was watching carefully. 
"Oh no! The eagle is going to attack!" said the squirrel. "Run for your life!"

The eagle flew up to the squirrel but the squirrel was running. He was so terrified. The squirrel ran into the drey but the eagle shook the drey. 

Immediately the squirrel fell down the tree. Then the squirrel ran up another tree and he jumped.

He felt very puffed out but he still ran. Then he saw his hole. He ran through his hole before the eagle caught him. The eagle peeped through the hole but there was no way he could get through. The eagle flew away. The squirrel poked his head out and the coast was clear. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Tiaho Mai Ra

Milky Way Galaxy