Thursday, 23 July 2015


On Friday, my family and friends drove to Ruapehu to go skiing.

First we put on our boots and skis then we put on our poles.

Later we went to the top to ski. It was hard to walk on the snow because the snow was slippery and wet. So we tried hard to climb up. Soon me and my dad climbed up to the top.

"Be Careful!" My dad said.  So I skied carefully but I still slipped sometimes on the snow. But slowly I was getting better at skiing, but I still slipped on snow a lot and I still tried hard.

Then we started to go to the cafe. The cafe was nice and warm with the heater so we relaxed. Soon we went to the bus and drove back to the motel and relaxed.

I felt cold tired and relaxed and happy in the snow because I loved skiing and having fun.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Quest to Beat the Curse!

(A Terraria story)

Chapter 1, the Old Man

One morning when I was looking for new stuff to smash, I spotted a shafty-thing and saw a person trapped inside. So I smashed my way down to the bottom floor and rescued him. “Thank you for rescuing me generous skeleton” he said. “But be careful, I was cursed and one day my master will curse me again.” So I said, “Don’t worry I will protect you. And any way is that a shower of demon eyes?” (Demon eyes are mythical creatures in terraria with nothing but an eye) “No Skeletron, those are fallen stars.” the Old Man said.

Chapter 2, Fun time

So I ran around the blanket of stars and said, “Man there’s heaps of them!” Even the Old Man was running around happily. I said “How much are these worth?” the Old Man replied, “Billions of dollars Skeletron. But what should I do with them?” I said. The Old Man answered, “Keep them Skeletron. Just watch out for demon eyes.”

Chapter 3, the mystery of the curse

So we duck jumped to the right, go to the left! “Finally that’s over aye Old Man!” “Yeah!” he said. Suddenly I heard a whoosh. “Old man, Old man? Where are you?” I shouted. “Oh! This must be the curse he was warning me about! I better go see where he is and fast! I’ll bring my health potions, emergency gloves (They help you break harder bricks) and my armour. Now I’m all ready to go!” I thought. “Don’t worry Old Man, I’ll rescue you!”

Chapter 4, Rescue Time! (A mini Book)

One day a mighty warrior (“who was me”) discovered the temple of DOOM!
He was sure it wouldn’t be too late to beat the curse. But still the warrior moved on.
The landscape changed, he didn’t give up. But still the warrior moved on.
He hoped he won’t, he was sure it wouldn’t be late to beat the curse.
Finally, he found the place, the place that holds the curse. He entered and got a shock. (When I say “shock” I mean fright).

Chapter 5, the battle (Part 1)

“Oh look a cute little canary (catnary actually). I’m going to call you Silky. I’ll put you in my mini portable cage. Now where is the old man?” A familiar voice was heard over the man eating sharks. “He’s over here Skeletron,” the voice said. “Go Silky, bring some TNT with you and try destroying him from above. Go! Catnary go!” Silky came back rough and ragged. “Oh you poor thing. What happened?” (This catnary can talk.) “The person I was trying to defeat was MASSIVE!” She said. “He said “Bring Skeletron before I lose my temper!” So we better go see where he is and fast!” So I followed Silky and she led me to the room the monster was in.

The battle, (part 2)

So I got to my battle station but before I could do that, I saw the Old Man “Old Man!” I call out. “He can’t hear you Skeletron!” said a familiar voice. “Hey how do you know my name?” I said. “Because I am your brother!” the voice says. “You Are?!!”  “Yes, I already told you that!” “ATTACK!” I yelled in rage. “So you want me to whack your head off with my mop!” he said. So I grabbed the nearest weapon and started attacking…   
So he swiped, I ducked.
I swiped, he ducked
He swiped, I ducked
I swiped, he ducked… but a little bit too late… BONK!
His head got swiped clean off by my mop! So then Silky (the catnary) rescued the Old Man and set him free.

Chapter 6, the last chapter

“So today The Old Man, Silky, and I go save the people in need
And who are we? We are...

“Team Skeletron!”